Using Essential Oils During Your Day

essential oil diffuser necklace

We absolutely love essential oils, and use them all day long. From helping us sleep to increasing focus during our work days, essential oils can be extremely helpful. They offer a natural, healthy way to take care of yourself without polluting your mind or body with toxins and chemicals. Here are a few ways you can use essential oils during your days.

If you’re new to essential oils, we strongly recommend checking them out. Although it may seem like some hippy stuff to you, many people find them to be extremely helpful. There are oils like peppermint and lavender to help with headaches, ginger and clove to aid in digestion, and marjoram and geranium to help stimulate blood flow. Whatever you are dealing with, there surely is an essential oil to help you in some way. We encourage you to give them a chance and try them out!

Essential Oil Jewelry

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is with some jewelry. You can put a drop or two of your favorite oil in a diffuser necklace and carry the oil with you all day! This is a wonderful way to cultivate calmness, energy, or whatever you need during your day. There are pieces of jewelry that are gemstone or lava rock, and special necklaces made specifically for diffusing essential oils!

Online Essential Oils Guide has some wonderful diffuser jewelry at that we highly recommend!

essential oilsDiffusers

A diffuser is another great way to go. There are some specific ways to diffuse essential oils, so make sure you are doing it right. When done well, diffusing essential oils can be a wonderful addition to any room. You can put some water and oils in your diffuser while your work, before you go to bed, or in the bathroom. This can be great to offer a pleasant aroma, increase productivity, help with headaches or allergies, or whatever you are using your oils for. We are constantly diffusing essential oils, and strongly recommend trying this during your day!

Ingesting Oils

Before ingesting any essential oils, make sure you read a bit about safety and ingesting essential oils. Ingesting the wrong oil can be uncomfortable or dangerous, so make sure to do some research first. There are many oils that work wonderfully internally. Some oils can help stimulate blood flow, improve digestion, and help the brain focus. When taken internally, the essential oils go into your bloodstream and can make a big difference in how your day goes!

Taking Rollers to Go

Finally, you can make your own rollers to go. We do this by combining a few drops of an oil with some fractionated coconut oil in a small bottle and applying a roller top. With a diluted roller like this, you can apply your essential oils any time directly to your body. Some oils work well on the feet, while others work at pulse points like the back of the neck and the temples. One of my favorite places is the chest, as I can receive the scent of the essential oil all day.

Before applying any essential oil topically, please make sure it is safe to do so. Some oils can increase risk of sunburn, cause an allergic reaction, or even be dangerous. Make sure to keep the oils out of your eyes, and always test them on your feet before using them elsewhere!

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