Support on the Go in Recovery

support while traveling

Support on the Go in Recovery

Being in recovery is not always easy. Especially during times of travel, it can be hard to remain completely stable and grounded in our sobriety. Whether you’re going on vacation, going home for the holidays, or traveling for work, getting outside your regular routine can present some challenges and new difficulties. One important thing to do is to stay connected with your support network. Although this may seem hard on the go, there are many ways in this day and age you can stay connected with those who support you.

Long Distance Therapy

remote therapy sessionsWhether or not you see a therapist, it can be helpful to find a way to stay connected to a trained professional. There are many licensed therapists who work with individuals via confidential video chat. This is a great option for those that travel a lot, and you can always see your therapist in person when you’re home. Remote therapy session are just like normal therapy sessions. Instead of meeting in person, you will meet with your therapist online in a confidential video chat room. This can offer you some support when you’re on the go, or unable to make it into a therapy office. You can learn more about long distance therapy here.

Online Support Groups

Whether you’re active in twelve step groups or not, there are tons of online support groups out there for addiction. One website we love is In the Rooms. They have twelve step meetings of all kinds, and other recovery groups like Refuge Recovery as well. Although meeting online may not be exactly the same as meeting in person, we find it to be a fantastic way to connect with a community. You can go to speaker meetings, sharing meetings, or book studies. There are other sites as well worth checking out. The point is that just because you are traveling, you’re not alone. There’s always a network online willing to support you and hold you through the difficult times.

Use Your Phone

This may seem painfully obvious, but your phone is one of your best tools. We always have them on us, and we can use them to stay connected. Call or text a friend. Sometimes when we travel, we can feel lonely or have a habit of disconnecting. When you travel, try making an extra effort to stay in touch. Although it feels like a chore sometimes, it can be a great way to keep your recovery in the forefront of your mind.

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