Moving to New York City


As many of our readers already know, I recently had the pleasure of taking a new journey in my life. I picked up everything I owned, and my family and I made the move to New York City. Living in the country was a great life, but we wanted to experience this legendary city for ourselves.

Making the Move

Making the move was simply difficult. It’s a stressful process packing everything up, deciding what to keep, and living in a half-empty home. It also was a long drive for us. We found a company online that had good reviews for the move and went with them. The moving company is Relo Moving & Storage NYC, and we are super happy with our experience with them.

We’ve moved before and had varying degrees of success with moving companies, but Relo was just awesome to work with. They showed up on time, handled all the lifting and unpacking, and were fun people to spend time with as we moved! It was quite the journey, and we really felt taken care of with them. Once we decided what to bring and what to leave, they basically handled it all.

We moved in one single day. They packed the car, we drove, and they unpacked. It was a lengthy day for all of us, but it really went relatively smoothly considering the difficulty of the whole thing!

moving to nyc

A New Home

New York has so many things to do, and we’re a bit overwhelmed. We hope to see all the sights, tap into the local community, and see what this place is all about. From Brooklyn to Queens, Manhattan to the Bronx, we have the urge to explore it all! We’ve already found some fun things to do with our dog, and have been spending a lot of time outside.

One of the other challenges I ran into was finding a new recover community after moving. Luckily, as we wrote about in our post Support on the Go, there are tons of opportunity to stay in contact from afar. And New York has just about as many recovery options as one could imagine, so that’s a blessing.

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