Alternative Medicine – What is It?

Alternative Medicine

Most people think of Alternative Medicine as dealing with plants, herbs and nutrition. At least I did, until I started researching for this article. Alternative Medicine is much more than just tea’s, herbs and good food.

There are many different forms of alternative medicine such as: acupuncture, aromatherapy, energy therapy, holistic, naturopathic, reflexology, and many more.

Conventional medicine says… have a headache, take a pill… the flu, take a pill…..depressed, take a pill. Alternative medicine wonders why the head hurts, why your immune system was so low that allowed you to get the flu, why you feel so unworthy or helpless to feel depressed. Then we have our bodies filled up with chemicals the body doesn’t need, or want.

Alternative Medicine is the most over-looked field in medicine….why? Think of how much you spend, just walking into a Dr’s office, plus the drugs he/she prescribes and any follow-up visits. not to mention any surgeries you might need and follow up for that. Did you know most surgeries could be eliminated with some form of Alternative Medicine?

Why did you have that by-pass surgery? Why were you arteries clogged to lead to the by-pass surgery. Why all the pills for high cholesterol and high blood pressure that lead to the clogged arteries, that lead to the by-pass surgery.

Alternative Medicine does not stop at the ‘why’ of problems, it goes after the cause of it. In this case, a good healthy diet of fruit and veggies….grains and nuts could have prevented the years of pills and the end result that lead to the by-pass surgery in the first place.

To me, Alternative Medicine is a bit misleading. I like to think of it as ‘Natures Medicine’. Alternative Medicine treat the whole body… mind, body and spirit, not just the symptoms of the body parts.

Nowadays, most of us have what I call ‘crippled organs’. our organs are not as healthy as they should be. We’re too busy racing through the week to the next paycheck, we’re so busy thinking work, work, work, that what we don’t think of is, our health determines even if we do work or not!

Advocates of Alternative Medicine believe the various alternative treatments are effective in treating major and minor medical conditions. And have acknowledged that recent published research proves the effectiveness of alternative treatments. They proved that a PubMed search showed nearly 400,000 research papers classified as alternative medicine published in Medline-recognized journals since the mid-1960’s, in the National Library of Medicine database.

Read, research if alternative Medicine is for you. Do you want to keep taking pills for the symptom of the problem, or do you want to get to the problem itself, that is causing the symptoms?

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