8 Fun Things to Do for Free

8 Fun Things to Do for Free

I love getting out of the house but I don’t always have a lot of money to do the things that I want to do. Over the years I have built up a repertoire of fun free activities. Many free activities are outside but what about the winter months when it is cold and you don’t want to be outside? Here are some of my favorite ideas for free things to do!

1. Hiking

Hiking is a really fun free activity. It allows you to get outside and connect with nature. I particularly love getting to travel and see a whole new place. I even like if I have to travel a little bit in order to get to a particularly fun spot. There are so many great hiking sites that will give you the low-down on the best trails. You can get out and connect with nature and be in a peaceful environment. One of my favorites is alltrails.com.

2. Go Swimming

You don’t need to live on the coast in order to do this one. If you do, have a fun day and go to the beach! But if not you can usually find a river, lake, or swimming hole near you. Some of the best spots are the ones that only the locals know. If you have a friend who is particularly outdoorsy I recommend asking them what their favorite spot to swim is.

Gardening Photo3. Gardening

One of my favorite free activities is gardening. You might spend some time pulling weeds in the garden or trimming things that need to be cleaned up. One other cool thing is that succulents can be easily repotted. If you know someone who has a succulent garden you can go and take small clippings of their plants. All you need to do is take a small clipping and repot it in some soil.

4. Explore a Nearby Town

This is one activity that I really love to do. Even if you have lived somewhere for a long time there is probably a town nearby that you haven’t explored in depth. One thing that I like to do is just pick a town and go walk around for a while. You can window shop and see what there is to see. Whenever I do this I also usually find a nice place to sit and read.

5. Farmer’s Market

At first glance this might not seem free but it really depends on the farmer’s markets near you. Many farmer’s markets have free music, crafts, or other community activities. The one near me often had art activities that are offered on a donation basis. It can be fun to just go to the market, hang out, and meet new people.

6. Meditation Groups

There are tons of local meditation groups that are offered on a donation basis. You can learn to meditate and practice with a group! I know many insight meditation traditions offer donation based groups that you can check out. It can be really nice to spend a night and explore your spirituality with one of these classes. Many include a guided meditation, talk, and time for discussion. Some groups even have tea or snack that are freely offered.

7. Yoga Classes

If you’re interested in yoga I know a bunch of studios that offer one group a week that is a community class or donation based class. It can be a great way to investigate a new studio or just do something that’s free.

8. Museums and Openings

There are lots of museums of gallery openings that are free. If you really like art it can incredibly fun to kill a day seeing some fantastic new art. I like to make a whole day of it and find a museum that has a pretty garden to go sit in if I need a break from walking around.

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