5 Relaxing Vacation Spots

best vacation spots

We all need to take a vacation from time to time. Maybe it’s a staycation, or maybe it’s a special trip. Taking the time out to care for ourselves like this can be an incredibly helpful experience in our lives. There are so many different places we can go to have fun, but here are a few of our favorite vacation spots we’ve been.

1. The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are one of the most beautiful places I have been. This archipelago in the Caribbean provides entertainment, relaxation, activities, and all you could ask for in a vacation. From the caves on Norman Island to the spa on Peter Island, there are so many things to do and see.

One thing I love about the BVI is that anybody can find something to do. There are world-class restaurants, premier spas, beautiful snorkeling and diving, and pristine white sand beaches. When you go to the British Virgin Islands, you can stay active every day or relax every day. The clear and warm waters, sunshine, and gentle atmosphere make it an ideal place to unwind and refresh.

british virgin islands2. Belize

Belize is a bit of a hidden gem. I personally don’t know many people who have gone, but it’s a fantastic place to go on vacation. Visiting Belize can provide all you need to have fun, relax, and explore. You can charter a boat up and down the coast, visit Mayan ruins on the mainland, or go scuba diving on the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Belize is a great vacation because it’s not flooded with tourists in many areas. You can relax, be yourself, and hang out with locals in many areas. Belize has some of the most mellow and kind people I have ever met. Spending time in Belize is a true vacation. The country moves a little slower than you may be accustomed to. The relaxing and easy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to go to relax. And the ecotourism is amazing as well with the snorkeling, caves, and beautiful forests they have preserved.

3. Costa Rica

I actually lived in Costa Rica for a few years, so it always has a spot in my heart. Costa Rica has become an increasingly popular destination in recent decades, and for good reason. Corcovado National Park has more biodiversity per square meter than anywhere else in the world, Arenal is a live volcano you can see spewing lava, and the beautiful black sand beaches of Limon are unrivaled.

One of the reasons I love Costa Rica as a vacation spot is its diversity. You can climb Mt. Chirripo, one of the few places you can see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time, hang out on beautiful beaches, snorkel, hike through rainforests, or go white water rafting. Costa Rica offers quite a bit for the adventurous crowd, but also has some truly amazing places to relax and soak up the tropical sun.

4. Mexico

Mexico has so many famous vacation spots. There are the party areas like Cancun and Cabo, but also relaxing places like Zihuatanejo. One of the reasons Mexico is so popular is its proximity. It’s relatively easy to get to, doesn’t cost a lot for flights, and offers a real getaway. From beautiful beaches to ziplining in the rainforest, Mexico is a wonderful place to visit.

One of my favorite places is Sayulita. On the West Coast of Mexico in the Nayarit region, Sayulita is a mellow little town with tons to do. You can snorkel, visit beautiful national parks, and spend time at relaxing spas. The town is nice because it is not overrun by the tourist industry, and you can get the mellow vacation you’re looking for at a decent price.

5. Hawaii

Hawaii of course makes our list. Like Mexico, there are party areas and tourist destinations like Waikiki, but there are also mellow spots you can find to relax. Whether you want to spend time at the bars dancing all night or surfing some of the best waves in the world, Hawaii really offers it all. The only downside is that it’s often expensive. However, you can go to Hawaii a bit cheaper if you find a small rental and cook your own food!

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